Our web site provides the 1st online live comprehensive course for MRCOG exams. After years of continuous success in helping candidates to pass their exam using our conventional courses, we decided to run the online version. Unlike the traditional courses, students are not obliged to attend the classroom. We allow our candidates to choose their remote location and much more advantages.
1) Live course: means that candidates can live chat, interact directly with the tutor and discuss any topic within the curriculum. We mimic the real life course without the need to physically travel abroad for this purpose. Our personalised classes give you all the time and attention you need to progress, allow your confidence to grow and be the best you can.

2) Reduced Fees: As we do not need to book a lecture room, conference equipments, now we can reduce our course fees to be affordable for every candidate.

3) Flexible time: our one to one course allows you to choose the suitable time during your busy day to attend the course at the most convenient time without the need to disrupt your schedule or take time off work.

4) Save time and money: With our online interactive course, there is no need to leave your home country and book expensive flight ticket and accommodation to attend the course.

5) Individually tailored: We focus on you. We help you practice the area of the curriculum where you need help. You learn at your speed and at a time to suit you - can a medical school do that? Pay for what you need only. As our courses are tailored to suite each candidate situation, you can chose which chapters you need to attend without the need to pay for the whole course.

6) Comprehensive: our course is not a weekend revision course. It is designed to help doctors who graduated long time ago and have forgotten about the basic science to have their 1st step towards a higher qualification in Obstetrics and Gynaecology speciality. Whatever your level, we can manage to help you pass the exam from the 1st attempt using our comprehensive teaching which covers all parts of the curriculum with support of solving hundreds of MCQs and EMQs to strengthen your understanding.

7) Free introductory session which covers the correct strategy for study, study sources and reasons why people fail to pass the exam. You will need to register..